Airo and app. Beat your Anxiety.

Airo detects when you're stressed and counsels you how to relieve it. It pulls this off by tracking your nervous system every second of the day. Airo's counsel is based on your body and your routine. It is completely personalized to you.

Get stronger everyday
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App features to reduce stress

How to build mental strength
Figure out the triggers.
Airo tracks you continuously so it can detect when you're getting stressed. It'll gently vibrate when your stress is rising. You'll want to be mindful about this moment to understand what exactly is causing the stress! These are your triggers.
Stay in control.
When it vibrates, Airo will suggest coping techniques that are personlized to you. Over time, you'll learn what works for you and what doesn't. So the next time Airo vibrates, you already know what to do! This is how you stay in control.
Find your strong.
Airo shows you both, stressful minutes and performance minutes. Use this knowledge to plan your day around the anxiety. Use Airo to understand when to push yourself, and when to take it easy. #FindYourStrong.

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What people say about Airo!

“The increase in my productivity is all because of Airo. So it turns out drinking water somehow increases my productivity. So guess what I do every 50 minutes.” Mike H., 32

"It buzzes when I'm getting stressed! Thought it would be annoying but my therapist convinced me to try. It has made my life so much easier."Sharon M., 42

"I already knew what made me stressed but Airo narrowed it down to the minute. It is quite the tool."Don W., 50

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iPhone   5+
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