Therapist's Assistant . Just for you.

  • Get an alert when your stress starts to rise.
  • Become mindful of your triggers.
  • Find the coping mechanism that works for you.
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Meet Airo

Build Mental Strength with Airo

Figure out your triggers.

Airo tracks you continuously will gently vibrate when your stress is rising. You'll want to be mindful about this moment to understand what exactly is causing the stress!

Stay In Control.

When it vibrates, Airo will suggest coping techniques that are personalized to you. Over time, you'll learn what works for you and what doesn't.

Find Your Strong.

Airo shows you both, stressful minutes and performance minutes. Use Airo to understand when to push yourself, and when to take it easy. #FindYourStrong.

From Our Customers

"I'm really impressed and intrigued! I thought the device would only pick up major/ more obvious stress (and assumed I'd already be aware of it by the time I got a notification). However, it is so sensitive! It's helped me tune me into subtle things that are affecting me without me noticing. Very neat!"
Robin F, Psychiatrist
"I'm seeing my triggers for my anxiety, things I thought were so unrelated have proved to be bigger things in my life than I realized. I stand by my original statement, this invention is going to change the world."
Matthew W, Airo User
"It started vibrating when I was talking about my mom with my therapist. Airo made it really easy for me to show my therapist how deeply bothered I am by it. And that was my first session with her!"
Tori D, Airo User

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