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Airo detects when you're getting anxious and helps you manage it. It pulls this off by tracking your nervous system every second of the day. #FindYourStrong

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USD 199.99

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  • 1 year limited warranty

"I'm addicted! I check it almost hourly! I love seeing how the past hour effected me.
And thank god for the guided breathing!"
Joshua L., 31

Why Airo?
Live Feedback
Airo gives you timely intervention alert. It detects when you are getting stressed and gently vibrates on your wrist. This is a reminder to take a moment to yourself and recognize your stress trigger. Then, it walks you through breathing exercises to reduce your stress.
Personalized Insights
Airo is tracking you day in, day out. It is learning what times of the day you're the calmest, and what times you're the most stressed.

With this data, Airo learns how you work and sends you insights that help you understand how different tasks affect you.
Recommendations & Reminders
Airo tracks you day in, day out and gets insights into how you work. With this information, it sends you personalized recommendations that lead you to become more resilient. It'll recommend small tweaks for your schedule that will have long lasting effects. Changes that make you more attuned, resilient and productive.

With your permission, Airo will send you reminders to ensure you meet all your goals and stay in check at all times.
Live nervous system tracking
Airo tracks the state of your nervous system at hundred samples per second. You can view your data from the apps progress screen at 5 minute intervals.

This helps you understand how different tasks are affecting you. You'll know what's making you more relaxed and what's causing you to be more stressed.

To help you understand your trends better, Airo let's you view your data in weekly and monthly periods.
Airo makes it easy for you to log your day. You just had a stress event and you've noticed what caused it - just type what it is and press enter. Airo will automatically log it for you.

It'll then use this information to better understand how different tasks are affecting you give you more insightful recommendations.
Breathing Exercise
Airo doesn't just tell you when you're stressed. It guides you through breathing exercises to help you calm down and reduce your stress.

You'll see live feedback to know how effective your breathing is. Ideal breathing is when your heart rate is synchronized with your breathing. Airo constantly measures this synchronization during your breathing session and gives live feedback to make sure you are synchronized.
Once you're done the exercise, Airo will show you how effective your exercise was. You'll get notifications like "you reduced your stress levels by 20%." You'll know what breathing pace works best for you.
If you're interested in digging deeper into your data, the dashboard website let's you download all your stress values at 1 minute intervals.

You can also compare your data to the day before at minute by minute intervals.
The dashboard also allows you to view how the tasks you've done have affected your stress values.
What's Included
  • Airo band.
  • Classic black wristband.
  • Charging cable.
Sensors & Components
  • 3-axis accelerometer.
  • 3-axis gyroscope.
  • Optical sensor collecting data at 500 samples per second. This gives Airo medical grade signal quality.
  • Optical heart rate monitor.
  • Optical nervous system monitor.
  • Vibration motor.
  • Ambient light sensor.
  • Radio transceiver: Bluetooth 4.2
  • PC material
Environmental Requirements
  • Charges between 0C and 45C
  • Discharges at -10C and 60C
Dimensions & weight
  • Airo is 1.8 x 1.3 x 0.5 inches.
  • Airo weighs 0.04 pounds.
Saves 6 hours of data at 100 samples per second. This includes steps, heart rate variability and heart rate values.
Battery and Power
Airo has a battery life of 14 hours. Though battery capacity is 500mAh, battery life depends on usage. We recommend charging every night. It takes about 3-4 hours to charge the band from 0 to 100%.
Water Resistant
Airo is water resistant but not water proof.
Heart Rate Variability
Airo tracks your heart rate variability using medical grade signal quality at 500 samples per second.

Like all health tracking technologies with optical sensors, Airo's accuracy is affected by different movements. The affect has been mitigated by Airo's high sample rate which makes it more accurate than other HRV / HR trackers.
If the band gets wet or if you sweat on it, remove and dry the band. Ensure sweat is removed and the charging contact is clean. You can remove the straps too and wash them if needed. The more sanitary, the healthier it is for your skin.
Syncing & Notifications
Airo syncs automatically and wirelessly to iPhone 5 onwards and Android 7.0+ using Bluetooth Low Energy wireless technology.

It's connectivity range is up to 20m. However, if you go out of your connectivity range (ie. you are more than 10m away from your phone), the data will be saved on the flash memory and will transfer to your phone once you're connected.

Airo will send you live notification to bring your awareness when your stress levels are rising. It also sends you insights and recommendations to help you reduce your stress and become more resilient. It will then remind you to ensure you're meeting the goals you set.
Why would you track your stress?
It's healthy to be stressed sometimes, because it pushes you to handle the situation. But, staying stressed for prolonged periods is unhealthy. Besides making you forget where you put your keys, stress can also have negative impacts on your health. It affects your heart, can make you gain weight, look older, weakens your immune system and etc.
Why is Airo Effective?
The first step in managing stress is recognizing your triggers. Then, you can become mindful of it and manage it as needed. Eventually, you'll know how to relieve your stress and you'll make tweaks in your life that help you reduce your overall stress. 

By tracking with Airo, you'll see live updates on how you're doing at all times of the day. Once you get "unhealthy" stress, your band vibrates. You'll also get a message on your phone to walk you through breathing exercises that help you reduce your stress. This will allow you to manage your stress before it gets worse. 

The stress detection will also be an alert for you to reflect to see what could have lead to you being stressed. You can take notes of your activities, and Airo will work with you to make tweaks in your day to reduce stress. It will send you insights about your day. It will point out the best and worst times of your day. It will give you all the information you need, without you worrying about logging everything all day long. It will help you become more attuned, mindful and productive.
How does Airo track stress?
Airo tracks your stress by tracking your nervous system. We track stress by applying sophisticated algorithms using a measure called Heart Rate Variability (HRV). This the measure of beat to beat differences in your heart rate. If you have 60 beats per minute, It doesn’t mean you have 1 beat per second. The duration of each beat differs depending on the activity of your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. The sympathetic nervous system fires when you are in a "fight-or-flight" situation whereas the parasympathetic nervous system fires when you need the “rest and digest" situation. 

During the course of a day, your body is constantly going back and forth between these two systems depending on what situation you encounter. Your sympathetic nervous system responds to the stressors on your body and mind such as physical activity, fatigue, restlessness and everyday stress. Your parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for helping your body recover from that stress. You don't want your sympathetic to be overactive - this is what Airo helps you do.